GoDaddy is about to launch a new VPS service, including Singapore location

According to the registration notice trial new GoDaddy‘s VPS service on the Community Forum, I immediately signed up, suddenly I was granted to the server 6GB KVM, so great.

The process of creating a server goes through two simple steps.

The first is to choose the operating system (currently only CentOS 7 integrated cPanel available), the data center is located in Asia (Singapore) & United States.


Next, enter the administrator account information.

Click Next and a few minutes later the server initialization process is complete.

This is GoDaddy’s server management interface:


After the closure of the Cloud Server service, GoDaddy appears not to have abandoned the ambition to enter the cloud services, so new preparations for launching this service. The price of VPS services at GoDaddy is quite high, so I think the price will be just right, not too expensive.

In the operating system choice I only see CentOS 7 built-in cPanel. Do not understand why GoDaddy only offer such a choice? Maybe they want customers to experience the trial easier, so they have built-in WHM with cPanel.

In short, there is nothing more to test, what do you think about this new service of GoDaddy?

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