Google announces plans to launch .DEV domain

While the number of available .COM domain names are declining, many new top-level domains (gTLDs) have been launched, including .DEV.

.DEV is the perfect extension for developers and other technology-related activities and services. Not only can it be used for website development companies, tools as well as programming languages, it can also be used as a personal blog for the individual who loves the subject.

Google will begin the Sunrise (trademark registration) phase of the .DEV domain early next year. Specifically on 16/1/2019. After 1 month, 19/2/2019 will be able to register the domain pretty soon and officially registered for regular from 28/02/2019.

Similar to .PAGE – another new Google gTLD recently launched, using the .DEV domain name, your website will also be protected with HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security).

Back in time four years ago, ICANN accepted Charleston Road Registry Inc. – A Google subsidiary that manages .DEV domain names from October 2014. However, in 2015, Google has aroused a little resentment in the developer community when it started announcing keeping .DEV domain as its own. Although many companies have already used .DEV for internal testing projects, but by 2017, Google acquired .DEV, at which point Chrome and other browsers refused to open these websites.

At that time, many people were shocked and did not understand what had happened to .DEV, an extremely potential extension. But, thankfully, Google has plans for this domain already, in a few months we can freely register.

From now on, Let’s list the .DEV domains you want to buy!

>>> More information about .DEV here.

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