Google Chrome will not display the Secure label with websites that use HTTPS

According to the latest information from Google, in September, Chrome will no longer labeled Secure with websites using HTTPS as previous announcements.

With websites do not use the HTTPS protocol will still display the Not secure label.

Google is changing the way it displays HTTPS messages on the Chrome UI, starting in September with Chrome 69. Websites using the HTTPS protocol will no longer display the Secure label next to url as now.

Chrome 70 will launch in October. Websites do not use SSL and still use traditional HTTP will have a red Not secure warning on the side when users enter data on the site.

So, why is this change? Google said that: “Users should assume by default that all websites are absolutely secure, they should only be alerted when there is a problem”.

If you do not know about HTTPS, this is a secure version of HTTP, which encrypts all data exchanged between the user and the website during the transmission. The user’s information will be kept secure from third parties, avoiding disclosure of sensitive data such as login information, credit card information.

Now that SSL certificates are getting cheaper and easier to activate, it’s time to upgrade to HTTPS.

If you have upgraded to HTTPS, have you seen rankings on the Google search results increase?

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