Grab .COM/.NET Domains For Only $2.99 at BigRock, Transfer Available

In addition to .NET domain preferences, BigRock’s Sweet Sweet Deals also has an additional coupon that applies to both .COM and .NET, for only $ 2.99 per year.

The new deal was launched yesterday on global –, and only lasted until today, April 21.

When registering a new .COM / .NET domain, use the coupon code below for a 70% discount, only $2.99/year/domain. Especially, both transfer rates are $4.99 for .COM and $5.29 for .NET.

Just like, the promotion also limits each client to only two domains. So, if you combine both programs from 2 pages, you will register/transfer the total of 4 domains.

Click the button below to get a coupon now

COM/NET only $2.99, transfer available

Pay by Visa/Master or PayPal. The following year’s renewal rates are $12.39 for the .COM domain and $11.99 for the .NET domain.

Note: Remember to add the 2 names at the same time because limit Only 1 coupon can be used per customer. Promo price is for the first year, renew will be at $12.39 for .COM and $11.99 for .NET domain.


Update: The sale has ended.

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