Guide to Using MailChimp – Excellent free Email Marketing

MailChimp is one of the leading Email Marketing services in the world, it is used by many individuals, famous bloggers and businesses.

When mentioning Email Marketing, you will definitely remember MailChimp first. In addition to professional paid services, this provider also has a free-use support policy for small websites & blogs, and startups that have low subscriber emails with full features.

When I first started CouponTree blog, I chose MailChimp for daily emails sent to readers. With practical experience, this article will guide you to the most basic steps to start email marketing campaigns with MailChimp.

1. About MailChimp

MailChimp is a tool used to collect, manage email address lists, create and send emails to recipients on the list. MailChimp also provides users with extremely clear reporting statistics from the smallest details to an overview of the results of email marketing campaigns. From there, help users have a basis to understand, modify and improve quality in the future.

Some outstanding features of MailChimp

1.1. Free of use

For small companies, start-ups or individuals, the number of subscribers is not much (less than 2,000), you can fully use MailChimp’s features without losing a single dollar. MailChimp allows you to send up to 12,000 emails/month for free.

1.2. Compare the effectiveness of emails with the same content

One thing that I find very interesting and useful when using MailChimp’s service, which is the A/B Testing Campaign feature. Whenever you have difficulty selecting the best mail subject to send, let’s use this feature.

Same content but there are 2 – 3 good choices and you’re wondering. MailChimp will help you send 20% of emails using 3 different ways of displaying one of the content: the subject, the sender’s name, the email content or the time of sending to compare each model’s effectiveness, then 80% of the remaining emails are sent in the best way.

A feature that can be said is extremely attractive, useful and groundbreaking, right?!

1.3. Flexible interface, easy to set up and use

You don’t need to know too much about IT, about code to make an email marketing campaign with MailChimp. There are many predefined templates, diverse and easy to use. Very quickly, simply drag/drop, add/remove is done.

In addition, this provider also supports content translation into many different languages, so language problems are no longer a barrier for users.

1.4. Integrated many applications

Besides the available interfaces, MailChimp also allows to create registration forms integrated with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc, or professional sales applications such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, etc, help easily share campaigns and reach the right target customers.

Because this provider allows using full features with a free account, if you are new to Email Marketing, I strongly recommend using MailChimp.

When the business flourishes, the website has a large following of subscribers, you can choose to continue using Email Marketing with MailChimp by upgrading your account. The cost is only $10/month for up to 500 subscribers and the number of emails sent unlimited.

2. How to register for MailChimp account

2.1. Register MailChimp account

– Go to MailChimp homepage.

– Click Sign Up Free in the top right corner.

– After completing the information, press Get Started!
– Check email and click Activate Account to activate your account.
– Next step, click Confirm Signup.

So your account has been successfully registered.

2.2. Setup and manage MailChimp account

Because you have just completed your account registration, you need to fill in your personal information for your account.

– Add name information, click Continue.

– Add information about the website, the content of your website, click Continue to next step.

– Next is the address

If your website has a certain product business, choose Yes, MailChimp has sales support applications that may help you in the process of selling products. With CouponTree, I choose No and then click Continue to continue.

– The last step is to share information on Facebook or Twitter, which is not necessary, so click Continue to complete the account setup process.

The next time you login, you will see the Dashboard interface as follows:

To manage and change the initial settings, simply select the appropriate items in the upper right corner.

3. Create customer list – Email list

After you have a free MailChimp account, the next thing you need to do right away is to create an email list and start collecting email addresses.

Normally, bloggers will use the email list to contain the email list of readers who subscribe to the news via email, CouponTree is using this form. As for companies, businesses or business individuals will use to store customer email addresses. Later, this email list will sometimes be used to send email notifications of new promotions, new items, etc.

You should note, MailChimp based on the total number of emails in your email lists to charge, if total <= 2,000, you can use it free, if more, you have to pay.

3.1. Steps to create email list

– Log in to MailChimp account.
– On the top menu bar, select List item.

– Click Create List to create an email list right away. You will see a screen like this:

– Fill in the required information, click Save.

3.2. Add contact to email list

A new list is created, but there is no member list currently available. To get familiar, add some of your email addresses to this newly created list to test the functions before officially using MailChimp.
– Add each email address

To add members, simply click on the human icon to the right of the name of the email list

or go in and select Add Subscribers.

By default, there will be 3 members’ information, but email is required information to be completed and correct, ensuring that they will receive the newsletter.

Click Subscribe to finish. This is how to add it manually – only use it when you need to add one or 2 addresses to the list. Pretty time consuming.

– Import an available list

  • CSV or tab-delimited text file: Upload to a file containing information in available CSV or text file format.
  • Copy/paste from file: copy/paste subscriber information manually.
  • Integrated service: Import email list from an online hosting service like Google Drive, Google Contact, Highrise, Salesforces, ect.

3.3. Edit email list

To edit the list you click on Stats, select Manage subscribers

Managing email list is very simple, all features are provided by MailChimp, just go to find the item you want, edit it.

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