Happy 16-year-old birthday of Linode

Today celebrates Linode‘s 16th birthday, as usual, the company will launch some promotions or adjust server services.

It must be said that the promotion on the occasion of Linode’s 16-year-old birthday is not great and attractive. This time, Linode discounted NodeBalancer from $20/month to $10/month and doubled the capacity of Dedicated Server service.

NodeBalancer is a load balancing service that automatically coordinates access to backend servers on Linode, making the website or system load better. Details of this service can be found here.

With Dedicated Plan, we will be doubling the storage capacity, while the price stays the same.

New customers will be given a hard drive with new capacity, while old customers will have to manipulate manually by resizing the disk. Server Dedicated is targeted at customers who need a lot of hardware resources, for example using 100% CPU continuously 24/7.

Both services in this change are only a few customers use, not a popular service like Standard Plan.

Linode also announced in the coming time that it will add GPU instance service using NVIDIA’s latest GPU architecture (piloting); Open the 10th datacenter in Mumbai, India and run Object Storage service. Let’s wait!

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