Happy Linode’s 14th Birthday

June 16, 2017 marks the 14th anniversary of Linode‘s operation.

Usually on the birthday, Linode launched attractive promotions. This year is different, there is no promotion but only new features, services and user experience upgrading.

If you want to use the service at Linode, the $20 free trial coupon I shared to you in this post is a great choice.

Linode Block Storage Experiment

Linode Block Storage allows you to easily expand server storage. Instead of having to upgrade the plan to get more capacity as before, now you just need to attach Volumes to the server, similarly attach the external hard drive to the computer.

Linode’s Block Storage promises to be fast and cheap, at only $0.10 per GB. Especially, now you can experience Block Storage completely free during beta. See details and register here.

New API and Linode Manager

Cool, after more than 10 years using the old management interface, Linode has changed.

New Linode Manager interface is simpler, more user-friendly. From now on you can experience this new interface with the link https://cloud.linode.com/.

The new Linode API v4 is the RESTful Web Service that provides a programming interface for managing Linode services. You can also use the API v4 with instructions at the link: https://developers.linode.com/.

Linode’s Global Network

Hot news. Linode’s network engineers are in the process of building a transit backbone network that spans the globe.

In the coming time, Linode will be more specific about this project.


This is the second datacenter of Linode in Dallas, TX, built entirely new, it uses the most modern equipment and has seamless integration with the Dallas region.

There are thousands of customers using this datacenter.

New office

Finally, the announcement of Linode’s new office in Old City Philadelphia.

Linode spent $5 million to buy an old building built in 1902 to serve the current 85 employees. Information about this sale was announced from 16/12/2015 and now Linode officially changed office.

CEO Linode Chris Aker outside the new office
Inside the Linode office building

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