Hawk Host adds Git Version Control feature in the new cPanel version

As well as upgrading the entire web hosting management system to cPanel 72, Hawk Host adds a new feature that many people have asked, Git managing.

Git is the most popular open source Distributed Version Control (DVCS) release system. Thanks to Git, dev code management and teamwork are simpler, much more convenient. In the open source world, you will find many popular projects being managed on Github and Gitlab.

For over ten years using Shared Hosting, I just knew that DreamHost and SiteGround (the highest package) have support for code management. Our graduation project is managed version on DreamHost, quite good but the speed is a bit slow.

Good news to all of you who are using Hawk Host hosting, we do not need to install complex systems to use Git anymore, right now you can clone a simple repository right on the Hawk Host cPanel interface. By clicking on the link Git ™ Version Control.

The repository administration interface will appear as follows:

Next, click Create to create a new repository. In the example given by Hawk Host, they will clone the Flarum PHP forum project, you can clone any other project.

Once you have created the repository, you can manage it with the following interface:

You can monitor the activity history of the repository including the commit, tag, and branch lists.

This feature of Hawk Host is quite limited, but in the upcoming version of cPanel 74, they will add new features to support you work with Git ™ Version Control is smooth, more convenient.

Let’s wait and see.

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