Hawk Host discounts up to 70% off all Hosting plans, only $0.89/month, with lifetime coupon

Skip this Christmas, Hawk Host just launched discount coupons for Boxing Day, discounted up to 70% of all hosting plans as a gratitude to the whole customer.

Coupons will be valid until December 27, 2017 with two discounted rates similar to Black Friday and Cyber Monday; Apply when registering all new hosting packages: Shared, Reseller, Semi-Dedicated and VPS Hosting. As follows:

  • Discount up to 70% of your first bill
  • Discount up to 55% lifetime

A lifetime coupon is a discount coupon upon registration and renewal. Usually, Web Hosting providers only have the first coupon discount coupon, no lifetime coupon like Hawk Host.

With a one-time discount – 70%, quality hosting at Hawk Host will be only $0.89/month. You should register for 2 or 3 years to save the most. If you define long-term use, please choose a lifetime discount coupon for later when the renewal is also cheap.

Coupons for Shared Hosting at Hawk Host:

Shared Host plans have a similar resource limit, with no limit to the number of domains used, but you need to consider the capacity between the two plans (10GB and Unlimited) for registration.

cbdshared2017 – 70% off for your first Shared Hosting bill, only $0.89/month

cbdshared2017r – 55% off for lifetime Shared Hosting

Coupons for Reseller Hosting at Hawk Host:

Reseller Host plans have the same resource limits as Shared Hosting plans, but the difference is that you can split a package into several packages with separate cPanel accounts to share with others using or reselling.

cbdreseller2017 – 60% off the first Reseller Hosting bill, only $5.19/month

cbdreseller2017r – 50% off for lifetime Reseller Hosting

Coupons for Semi-Dedicated Hosting at Hawk Host:

Semi-Dedicated plans are plans of Shared Hosting but have higher configuration, stronger, better load, suitable for websites with medium and high traffic.

cbdsd2017 – 70% off for your first Semi-Dedicated Hosting bill, only $4.79/month

cbdsd2017r – 55% off for lifetime Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Coupons for VPS Hosting at Hawk Host:

If you want to use VPS, I encourage you to use the supplier specializing in the world famous cloud server such as Vultr or DigitalOcean. Hawk Host specializes in Shared Hosting.

cbdvps2017 – 70% off for your first VPS Hosting bill, only $4.79/month

cbdvps2017r – 45% off for lifetime VPS Hosting

*** Payment can be made by Visa / Master or PayPal. Applies to both old and new accounts.

>> Visit the Hawk Host here


  • Each customer can only use one coupon at a time
  • Promotion does not apply to old services (upgrade, renewal)
  • Unpaid invoices will be canceled after 96 hours

Have fun!!!

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