Hawk Host does not allow coupons with Hong Kong and Singapore locations

The bad news for you is that from now on we can no longer use discount coupons with Hong Kong and Singapore locations.

A few days ago, I received a comment from some friends saying that I could not use coupon code with 2 famous servers of Hawk Host, Hong Kong, and Singapore. CouponTree immediately contacted this party’s support and received a confirmation response.

Currently, we can not use the coupon for these two locations anymore, if you want to use the discount coupon, you can only register to use another location for hosting.

It is not clear whether the upcoming promotions of Hawk Host have any changes, but I have tried 2 active Hawk Host coupon codes: 30% lifetime discount (daily change) and 40% discount coupon are all can not be used.

Hosting in Hawk Host has long been trusted by many customers everywhere due to its good quality, giving very fast and stable page loading speed. Hawk Host is also in the Top 3 Hosting should be used on CouponTree. Now that they no longer offer coupons, we don’t have much choice.

Let’s wait and see the upcoming Hawk Host promotions, their policies have not changed anything.

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