Hawk Host opens Amsterdam location for Reseller Hosting service, 40% off lifetime

Hawk Host has just opened the fifth location in Amsterdam.

Hawk Host has been providing Reseller Hosting services for many years in the US and Asia, however, Amsterdam is the provider’s first milestone in the EU market. Asia is so famous for the Singapore location that many customers have chosen.

If you do not know, Reseller Hosting is a service that allows customers to create multiple cPanel accounts separately, within the resource limits of the plan you have registered. Each different account will have data completely separate from each other, who manages that person, similar to a Shared Hosting plan. Reseller Hosting plans are often started by individuals or small companies, who want to give each customer a hosting account in the fastest way and still have to manage conveniently.

Of course, all Reseller Hosting services are strictly confidential to ensure that customers who use the service can hardly know that you are providing them with Reseller Hosting.

On this occasion, Hawk Host has launched a 40% discount coupon for Reseller Hosting for Amsterdam location only. Before payment you remember to use the coupon below is okay. Discount code applies to all reseller plans with any payment term.

GET COUPON – 40% off lifetime

For those who do not know, Hawk Host is currently not allowed to use coupon codes with Singapore and Hong Kong locations.

Have a nice week!

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