Free hiding domain registration information, which provider to choose?

More and more people are interested in hiding the domain name registration information, avoid spamming or disclosing personal information. So which domain name registrations should be available at which provider to get the free or most cost-effective?

I have written an post about the importance of hidden domain registration information, if you do not know before you continue reading this post.

Some domain providers allow you to activate this lifelong free function, some where it charges. I will favor the introduction of free providers, then will come to the providers of the charge.

Domain registration support for free hidden information

1. Porkbun

Despite being the newest name on the list, Porkbun immediately climbed to No. 1 with the function of hiding free domain name registration information for life.

The home page interface, domain name management in Porkbun looks pretty bad, not flashy, glossy like other vendors. Probably because it does not have to invest a lot of money into the design, so the price of domain registration and renewal here are quite cheap compared to other providers, not to use coupon code.

I used Porkbun, as well as learn a while to see the domain used here pretty well, the operations are automatic, without problems at all. Support fast, enthusiastic.

Some special features in Porkbun:

  • Forward domain name
  • Enable SSL Free
  • Email Forwarding
  • 2 layer security account

The .COM and .NET domain price at Porkbun:

Domain Register/Renewal/Transfer
.COM $8.84
.NET $9.71

2. Namesilo

If you want to hide domain name information, not as good as Namesilo. Domain name here is not only you get reasonable renewal rates, but also support hidden domain name information (WHOIS Privacy).

Namesilo also supports many other functions such as:

  • Manage domain directory
  • Forward domain
  • Email Forwarding
  • The DNS Template integrates the necessary records
  • Sub-account allows another account to use your domain
  • Dual-layer account security with Authy or Google Authenticator

In addition, if you pre-deposit your account and join the NameSilo Discount Program, the cost of domain names will be reduced a bit further.

The .COM and .NET domain price at Namesilo:

Domain Register/Renewal Pre-fund Register/Renewal
.COM $8.99 $8.89
.NET $10.79 $10.69

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3. Uniregistry

The new Univision comes with a recent hit with reasonable rates and also supports the free lifetime registration of privacy information (Privacy.Link ™).

Simple and clear Uniregistry management interface, easy to manage multiple domain names by category.

Uniregistry does not have many functions, supports URL Forwarding, DNS Templates, dual-layer security with Google Authenticator or phone number.

The .COM and .NET domain price at Uniregistry:

Domain Register Renewal
.COM $8.88 $10.88
.NET $13.88 $13.88

4. does not free function to hide domain name information that is priced at $3.99/year. However, when you use the coupon in this post, you will be using the function Whois Privacy, hidden information free domain lifetime.

The price of maintaining domain names in is higher than that of Namesilo and Uniregistry, but the provider of this long-standing reputation should use more peace of mind.

Some other functions of

  • URL Forwarding
  • Support Sub-Account
  • Support for dual-layer account security through Google Authenticator

The .COM and .NET domain price at

Domain Register Renewal
.COM $12.99 $12.99
.NET $12.99 $12.99

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5. Namecheap

Unlike the 3 providers above, Namecheap only has a free first year domain name (WhoisGuard) function. The following year’s renewal fee is $2.88/year, $0.99/year, quite cheap.

Update: You only have to spend $0.99 per year for Namecheap domain name service with this WhoisGuard coupon.

Maintaining a domain name in Namecheap is also quite cheap, often with many attractive promotions.

The domain name management interface in Namecheap is easy to use, simple. Support functions such as:

  • Redirect Domain
  • Redirect Email
  • Share Access allows other accounts to use the domain
  • Secure dual-layer account with SMS Message

In addition, Namecheap has excellent support, whenever you need Livechat, support fast, accurate.

The .COM and .NET domain price at Namecheap:

Domain Register Renewal
.COM $10.69 $10.69
.NET $12.88 $12.88

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6. NameBright

Similar to Namecheap, NameBright only supports free hidden domain registration information for the first year only. Maintenance fee for next year is $ 2.95 per year, not too expensive.

NameBright is a special domain name + renewal fee is reasonable, especially when pre-fund and payment will be quite cheap. Cheaper than Namesilo.

NameBright supports some of the cool features for Domain Investor:

  • Email forwarding
  • Domain forwarding
  • Linked account, share the domain name management for another account
  • Check whois domain history
  • Secure dual-layer account with SMS Message

The .COM and .NET domain price at NameBright:

Domain Register/Renewal Pre-fund Register/Renewal
.COM $8.53 $8.03
.NET $8.90 $8.39


Hopefully with this synthesis post, you will select the provider that suits your needs.

Do not forget to comment comments, add other suppliers if the list is not available.

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