HostGator is launching new dedicated server products

Later today, Wednesday, June 21st, some changes will be coming to HostGator‘s dedicated server hosting. As loyal Affiliates, you deserve a heads up, so here is a condensed overview of some of the details of our new and improved dedicated server hosting.

What You Need to Know About Our Dedicated Server Reboot

New Packages

The table below provides the NEW NAMES, of the THREE packages and an overview of a few key differentiators between them. Please update these names and product features in your messaging.

What You Get with the New Packages

  • Enhanced performance to high-traffic or resource-intensive websites.
  • Customizable dedicated resources that provide:
    • Double memory and processing power with Intel Xeon Processor D processor.
    • Drive Choice of SSD or HDD with RAID 1 monitoring.
    • Flexibility to scale your resources as your business needs dictate.
    • Single-Tenancy to better handle high-traffic websites through dedicated ports.
  • Dedicated support team and professional services.
    • US-based and available 24/7/365.
    • Fee-based, managed professional services are available. (See below)

How HostGator Stack Up

Did you know that GoDaddy’s dedicated servers are limited to a maximum of 4 CPU cores/4 threads, and they don’t even offer SSD? SiteGround doesn’t offer SSD either, and their dedicated server packages are more expensive than HostGator’s accross-the-board.

Offer Updates

If you have a custom coupon code, we’ve updated it to reflect relevant changes, so there is no action needed on your part. Below we’ve provided updated banners and a text link for you to start promoting.


  • Link Text: HostGator Dedicated Servers: More power, more performance, more bandwidth. Packages start as low as $119/month!
  • Link ID: 378368
  • Launch Date: Wednesday, June 21st @ 5:00 pm CST


Additional banner sizes available on Impact Radius.

The offer is only valid on new hosting packages, not applicable on renewals or existing hosting plans. Please see our Sale FAQ for more details.

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