HostGator Reviews: stable, good speed, worth using

Founded in 2002, Hostgator grew quickly and now it has become one of the most popular hosting companies in the e-commerce industry with more than 8 million domains registered. Such monstrous growth is believed to result from its great hosting plans, high reliability, and dedicated customer support.

HostGator Review from Our Experts

To give you more details about this hosting provider, thus you can compare it with others to make your best choice, we are going to give our review on some areas of HostGator, including Pros and Cons, loading speed, hosting plans and lastly, the customer service.

Let’s start with some notable pros and cons of HostGator.

Hostgator’s pros and cons

Key pros:

  • 99.99 uptime guarantee
  • Up to 45-day refund guarantee (if users experience downtime)
  • Flexible billing periods (monthly, yearly billing periods or even longer periods)
  • 30-day free migration for all new signups


  • only fee-based domains included, no free domain registrations
  • aggressive upselling (Note: remember to review pre-selected services during the signup process and uncheck them if you are not sure. Later, you can add them if necessary)

Hostgator’s Loading Speed

The most basic way to evaluate if a hosting company performs well or not is to check its browsing speed. Of course, everyone wants to register domains for a host that ensures fast speed and stable performance.

Except for PHP 7.1 and a built-in Apache-based content compression system, Hostgator’s actually doesn’t have much going for them. Also, they don’t use SSD storage, NGINX server setup or the special caching features like some other hosting providers. That’s why the site loading speed is well optimized. It’s super fast.

Though the shared hosting’s loading speed is a bit slower than Cloud hosting, both are super fast and reliable. Since HostGator’s cloud hosting is jam-packed with SSD, speed enhancers, and great rich features, the shared hosting, with load speed almost comparable to the cloud hosting is an absolutely amazing point.

HostGator hosting plans

HostGator offers a variety of hosting plans for merchants to choose from including Shared Hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, and specialty hosting (for WordPress, Windows ASP.NET, Drupal, and Magento). All these plans are feature-rich and can suit different budgets as well as store’s hosting needs.

Shared hosting: limited servers, highly recommended for brand-new websites with the price just as affordable as $10.95 monthly.

Shared hosting comes with three different levels (each includes unlimited storage and bandwidth) namely:

  • Hatching: 1-website hosting, a standard set of features
  • Baby: unlimited website hosting, all features of Hatching are included, plus the add-ons such as private SSL
  • Business: free SSL certificate and free dedicated IP are offered for creating an E-commerce site.

Cloud hosting: allows for multiple servers, suitable for websites with frequent traffic spikes. Cloud hosting also comes packed with three plans:

  • Hatchling: unmetered storage and bandwidth; as well as local caching, one domain, unlimited subdomains, and access to two CPU cores and  2 GB RAM.
  • Baby: includes all the above mentioned, plus: unlimited domains, unlimited parked domains, and access to four CPU cores and 4 GB RAM.
  • Business: offers more than what the Baby Cloud Plan gives you: access to six CPU cores and 6 GB RAM, plus a dedicated IP and private SSL.

VPS (Virtual Private Server): Enables merchants to manage virtual resources on a cloud hosting platform, suitable for growing websites with frequent traffic spikes.

Dedicated servers: suitable for those who want to get a server solely for hosting websites. This also requires them to be highly responsible for maintaining it.

Reseller Hosting: HostGator offers three reseller hosting plans for merchants to choose from Aluminum, Copper, and Silver. All plans allow for unlimited domains, email accounts, MySQL databases, and FTP accounts.

HostGator for Magento

Besides usual shared hosting, Hostgator also creates the special features for Magento Hosting that make it easy and painless for Magento merchants to set up the e-commerce platform on their servers.

The installation can be accomplished just in one-click, and then you can start working on your own online store. The interesting thing is, for those who already have a Magento website, HostGator will migrate the site for you, without taking any penny.

Regarding the security, HostGator offers shared certificates for all plans, which means customer’s data is ensured to be protected. If you need more robust tools and solutions for hosting your Magento store, specifically private SSL, free dedicated IP, and toll-free 866 number, the Business Plan might be a perfect choice.

However, if your choice isn’t cloud hosting, your site may experience some slightly below average uptime and speed. Also, Hostgator’s lack of Magento-optimized servers is one of the issues that you might consider carefully before making your choice.

HostGator Customer Support

HostGator’s Customer support is one of the great things that attract customers to this company. The dedicated support team is available 24/7 to reply phone calls or live chat as well as address email support requests.

You can find their support portal right inside your hosting dashboard. When accessing the portal, you will reach the huge document “warehouse” with more than 680 articles and over 500 video tutorials.

One amazing thing is the CEO of the company, Adam Farrar will be the person who guarantees your account. So every time you have any problem with the regular support, you can ask your ticket to be assigned to Adam and wait for him to respond.


Considering the pricing, HostGator’ plans are not the cheapest in the market. However, with its numerous offerings such as great hosting plans, unlimited disk space and bandwidth for Magento, Free Magento transfer, 24/7 customer support, etc,… it is still a worth-considering option for Magento hosting.

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