HostHatch supports Windows installation on KVM VPS

With the new management interface along with KVM packages at a pleasing price, there is a reliable address for those who need Windows Server.

HostHatch has been chosen by readers of CouponTree because it has Hong Kong location using OpenVZ so the price is quite cheap, for fast speed VPS. Besides, the VPS KVM with Los Angeles location is also very attractive not to be missed.

Configuring these KVMs is very good at a nice price, but not many people know that VPS here allows you to install Windows through an ISO file. So I wrote this post to inform people that they have the information.

The only weakness of HostHatch is that there is no Singapore or Japan location like Vultr so it has slower speed and lag, and the server connection is very good. Here is the speedtest image:

Visit HostHatch here.

Good luck!

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