HostHatch upgrade KVM VPS, RAID-10 NVMe SSD, dedicated CPU, 2x RAM, attractive price

HostHatch has just upgraded KVM VPS service with a lot of great changes.

HostHatch is one of the few Hong Kong-based VPS providers I’ve ever experienced. OpenVZ here is quite cheap, quality is good, Hong Kong location as fast as HostUS, rarely downtime.

In the email I received from HostHatch this afternoon, with so many changes, HostHatch is now completely unmatched in comparison to before.

  • The new Control Panel is named Falcon instead of the old management system, integrating server management, billing and support; Additional support for Private networking, Custom / User ISO (with Windows) and 2-layer account security. To use you use this login link:
  • The new KVM server, using a PCIe solid-state drive, provides RAID-10 performance among the fastest VPS providers in the world. HostHatch also makes a benchmark server comparison site, which has familiar names like Vultr, Linode or DigitalOcean. If the results on the page are correct then the new HostHatch server is too powerful.

In addition to replacing an SSD, KVM VPS packages now use a dedicated CPU, doubling the RAM, but still the same price. Great, excellent, wonderfull.

Currently, you can register server in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Stockholm locations, unfortunately not Hong Kong.

For old customers who are using SSD KVM VPS here, they can create a support ticket to transfer to a new server for free.

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