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Established in 2004, Hostinger is now well-known as one of the best website hosting providers in the hosting industry. The company offers a fast, reliable, easy-to-operate, and feature-rich web hosting service that is affordable to every online seller. Hostinger has been growing rapidly, with more than 200 employees and 8 data centers around the world, and is expected to continue scaling up in the future.

In this post, we will give out our review on Hostinger to give you insights about this hosting service company, thus you can base on to make your own decision on whether you should register your site domain on this hosting site or not.

Let’s start with Hostinger’s Pros and Cons


  • Affordable pricing plans and domain registration services
  • Rich in features and almost no upselling
  • Beautifully-designed, highly responsive, and user-friendly admin panels
  • 24/7 live chat service available
  • 100% uptime and speedy server response time guarantee
  • Hundreds of custom-written and profound guides for web developers.
  • A huge number of free website templates


  • Unavailable phone support
  • no dedicated server plans

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Hostinger’s services

Hostinger offers 4 hosting services namely: Shared web hosting, VPS hosting, domain registration, SSL certificates.

VPS service: Hostinger VPS service provides a variety of packages with distinct sets of features. All packages have quite impressive performance, with no downtime occurring.

Domain Registration: Hostinger has been fully confirmed as a certified domain registrar since 2013.

Hostinger’s features

When registering domains on the site, you can enjoy a lot of valuable features, amazingly, at no cost. I’m going to mention those features right below:

Hostinger’s reviews and tutorials

This is an amazing tool for those who are passionate about Webs. This useful tool includes more than 500 tutorials about web development, server management, and CMS guides. The greatest thing is all tutorials are entirely free and accept even non-registers to be able to access them.

Affiliate program

You can run your affiliate program on Hostinger through a four-step process: first, register with the site (for free), get the affiliate link, then place banners on the website, and lastly get your commissions.

Affiliate programs are no longer unfamiliar in today’s e-commerce era, however, what makes Hostinger’s Affiliate program stand out from others is its commission, as impressive as 100% for each shared web hosting purchase.

Web builder

A custom website builder can perfectly suit merchants who want to build their websites at ease. Fortunately, Hostinger offers up to 200 website templates, all of which are easy to install and apply.

Smart domain availability checker

This tool is designed for checking the availability of web domain names. It is even smarter when it not only tells whether the name is available or not, but also suggests a list of better and interesting domain names for you to pick from if the checked domain name already exists.

With all the available features that Smart Domain Availability Checker is endowed, it is believed to be best fitted for start-up or small-sized stores that don’t have a huge budget to spend on hiring web developers.

Hostinger Pricing Plans

When mentioning factors contributing to Hostinger’s popularity, its shared hosting services are definitely not-to-miss.

Hostinger offers 3 shared hosting plans, which are discounted up to 82% on Black Friday. Below are key offerings of each plan:

  • Single Plan (only $1.45 on Black Friday): Optimal package, designed for 1 small website with 10GB of disk space, 100 GB of Bandwidth, 1 email per domain, free weekly automated backups
  • Premium Plan (only $2.95 on Black Friday): Intermediate package for many websites with unlimited disk space, unmetered bandwidth, 100 accounts per domains, weekly free automated backups
  • Business Plan (only $3.95 on Black Friday) – best suited for high-traffic websites with unlimited disk space, unmetered bandwidth, 100 accounts per domain, daily free automated backups

Apart from these distinct features, all 3 plans include unlimited FTP accounts, anti-DDoS, and anti-malware protection, assisted website transfer, website builder, 200+ website templates, auto-installer with 100+ scripts, email anti-spam tool, etc., Besides, customers can take their money back within 30 days if experiencing any downtime and receive dedicated 24/7 customer support service regardless of any package they purchase.

However, the price above is only applied for the long hosting period, specifically, 48 months. If you are not ready to have your site hosted for such a long time by the company, you can try shorter billing periods. Hostinger does offer payment period options of 3 months, 12 months, and 24 months for merchants to choose from. The price ranges from $11.85 to $51.60 for a Single plan, $20.85 to $99.60 for a Premium plan, and $29.85 to $118.80 for Business Plan.

It is obvious that a Single package has the cheapest price, only $1.45 per month if you go for a 48-month subscription. However, its features are quite limited compared to 2 other packages but this is fairly understandable as it is designed for only 1 website hosting. When opting for the Premium and Business package, you can enjoy more exclusive features like free daily automated backups, free anti-theft system, more disk space, etc.,

Though Hostinger doesn’t offer the cheapest pricing plan, however, comparing the value its package gives with other competitors, it is still a cost-effective option. For example, the Baby package of Hostgator, with quite similar features to Hostinger’s single package, costs nearly 2 times more (up to $153) for the same 12-month billing period.

Hostinger Customer Support

Customers can connect to Hostinger via two ways: Live Chat or Tickets/Emails. The company doesn’t offer phone support, which is viewed as a disadvantage for those who like instant and direct contacts via phone calls. However, considering the fact that it’s pretty difficult to share technical information verbally, like trying to spell lines of code correctly, you may find that no phone support isn’t such a thing that really matters.

Live Chat Evaluation

There is no doubt that Live Chat offers a much easier way of sharing technical information than phone support. But that’s is not the only thing about Hostinger’s live chat service.

The response time of the support team via live chat is quite impressive – you don’t have to wait for more than 2 minutes to get the reply. Another thing that most customers love when contacting Hostinger through text messages is that the support team is very dedicated, they may give you some useful tips, pieces of advice or encouragement.

However, some may find it disappointed when Live Chat access is only given to those who have registered with the site. Perhaps, this is because Hostinger wants to motivate more signups and are planning those for further strategies. Hopefully, they will soon re-enable live chat for everyone to experience.

Hostinger Payments

Hostinger provides 3 payment options for customers to choose from, namely Credit Card, Paypal, and Bitcoin. Once you pick the payment method, you will see an external payment API form where you can enter your credit card details and then submit it. Now you will be taken to the account’s setup page where you are required to fill in contact details to complete the domain registration. After this step, Hostinger will suggest different options for setting up a new website, you can pick one of those or skip it.

That’s also the last step. Now you’ve had your domain activated and hosted by Hostinger. As you can see, the payment process on Hostinger is very simple and can be completed within just some minutes. At this point, Hostinger’s payment really gives a big reason why this hosting site is worth-opting for.

Hostinger Control Panel

Hostinger Control Panel is visually stunning with a beautifully-designed layout. It encompasses all the necessary functionalities and features such as the usual resource usage & specifications table where admin can see the account’s real-time resource levels, options for a quick connection to the domain, VPS, SSL, and affiliate control panel, billing sections for viewing current payment statuses, and most interesting of all, the hosting mascot (with the symbol of a purple dragon) on the bottom-right corner that customers can seek help from. This mascot is like a search engine where customers can search for information about Hostinger’s service. Also, it can open for them an instant live chatbox where they can get in touch with Hostinger’s customer support team right away.

Working on this panel is hassle-free. It’s super-easy-to-use and highly responsive.

Hostinger’s Performance

Speed During Low Upkeep

The Bitcatcha tool is used to check the response time of Hostinger servers from all locations. The result shows that Bangalore and Singapore have the slowest reaction to commands, but considering the fact that under 400ms in all instances is fairly enough to ensure constant server uptime for visitors, the response time of these locations are far from being called “bad”.

Visitors who live far away from Hostinger’s locations don’t need to worry about experiencing lower access speeds, as the speed across all locations is quite consistent.

The speed with a website builder

Again, we use the Bitcatcha tool to measure the speed of the website built with Hostinger website builder.

Amazingly, the result that we’ve collected shows that the speed wasn’t impacted much by the website builder. For this reason, you can use Hostinger website builder enjoyably, without concerning too much about its affect your store performance.

Server Overall Uptime

In order to testify if the server uptime of Hostinger is 99.9% as the company guarantees. We tried this hosting service for our site from March to April 2018 and Hostinger did not disappoint us. There seemed to be no downtime at all on our site and what really made us surprise is its response times. We noticed that our site reacted to commands super-fast, the most regular response time is 200ms or less, and it never took more than 1 second.

A big wow, such an amazing performance of Hostinger!

Hostinger Security

Hosting provides the anti-thief protection tool that better protects user accounts. If anyone tries to log into your accounts using multiple guessed passwords many times, the login will be invalid within 10 minutes even with a correct password. That way, the tool serves as a security system that identifies incorrect login attempts, thus immediately blocking the IP address of the user to protect it against cybercriminals.

Hostinger also has strict rules in keeping customer sensitive information. Nobody can get your information if they can’t prove the account’s ownership (by using payment information). Having said that, you always need to be careful with your payment information. Though it isn’t easy to be hacked, cybercriminals are more and more tech-savvy so it’s always a good idea to keep your payment information safe.


Considering all the above-mentioned areas that Hosting performs in, there is not much to concern about their service. The company is doing such a great job from offering cost-effective pricing plans, providing a user-friendly and visually appealing admin control panel,… to ensuring consistent server uptime and security for customers registering domains on their sites. I must say, this is one of the most affordable, easiest to use, and the fastest web hosting platforms in the hosting industry these days.

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