[HOT] Namecheap 20% off on new registrations, renewals and transfers

I have just got a coupon discount of up to 20% when renewing the domain, hosting at Namecheap and I want to share it with everyone. Especially, apply for both New Registration and Transfer with Domain.

This coupon is 20% off when renewing Domain, Hosting at Namecheap. Especially applicable for both Domain New Registration and Transfer.

This coupon is rare, even Namecheap birthday only reduced 15% for renewal. I tested and paid successfully, registration/renewal for .COM domain is only $8.55, transfer is $8.08.

This coupon can also be used for Hosting, SSL and email services renewal at Namecheap too. Take advantage of opportunities and RENEW/TRANSFER NOW!

Click the button below to receive the coupon code

20% off when renewing/transfering

Payment picture:

***Payment can be made by both PayPal and Visa / Master.

I do not know when this coupon expires so you urgently renew to save money.

Good luck!

Refer also to the summary of the attractive promotion Namecheap in the month here: 40% off for hosting, domain name only from $0.88/year.

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