How to check domain name availability/for sale?

Searching for a domain name is the first optimization in the process of building a website. You think of a good and appropriate domain name, but you don’t know if it’s available or not? With just a few seconds, you will check the domain name availability/for sale quickly with the detailed instructions below!

Before going into specific steps to check domain name availability/for sale, we will learn a bit of domain name concepts.

Domain name is an identifier of an individual or an organization on the Internet. For example,, etc. Domain name is used to replace a sequence of numbers also known as IP addresses (numbers are often long and difficult to remember accurately). So the first thing to be determined when an individual or organization wants to build a website is to register to own a domain name. A short, easy to remember and stand out domain name is the key for people to know your website on the internet.

Domain name is unique. Today, many companies are established. Therefore, duplicating the idea of domain names among companies is inevitable. If your company does not quickly register a domain name, then you must choose another domain name that does not match your wishes (longer domain name, not very suitable for your business, etc).

Domain name exists based on about 8 main principles, the most important is that the domain name rule cannot be duplicated, you cannot register a domain name already owned, so check the domain name carefully before registration.

But how to check domain name availability/for sale? Please check and register immediately.

How to check domain name availability/for sale?

Once you have identified a good and nice domain name, before registering you need to check if the domain name is available or not. Or has anyone registered? If the domain name has not been registered then you have the right to register this domain, and if the domain name is already registered, then you cannot register it.

So to be sure and make sure that the domain name is available or not? Please do Whois or check your domain name again before proceeding to register, as this will prevent confusion between you and the registrar.

Most domain registrars have tools to help you quickly check domain availability/for sale status. However, this check can only provide you the status of the domain name that is registered or not, without detailing the domain owner information (if the domain name has been registered).

However, you can still find out information about the domain owner you want to buy when you search for a domain name at Whois.

Access Whois website to check domain name availability/for sale?

When you perform a Whois search, it will show the information of the owner of the domain.

There are cases where the owner’s data is not shown. This happens when domain owners do not want their contact details to be public, so they purchase domain information security services (hide domain information).

How to buy a registered domain name?

If you are interested in a domain name that has been registered, you want to buy it, first check that the domain name is working. However, these domain names are often resold at very high prices.

If after checking and there is no active site, you can contact the owner through the information they leave on Whois and ask if the domain name is available for sale. If you can’t find contact information, you can ask for domain brokers. They can find a way to contact the domain owner you need to buy and you have to pay them a fee. This fee depends on the agreement between the two parties.

Hopefully, the information we share with you about how to check a domain name availability/for sale and how to buy a registered domain name is useful to you.

Good luck!

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