How to check where the hosting/server is located?

Recently, I saw many people wondering after the registration of Hosting or Server but it is unclear where it is located, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe or US; Will the provider change after signing up?

A lot of people have signed up for hosting at StableHost and Hawk Host is located in Hong Kong and Singapore but suspect IP address in US so contacted me for checking.

I do not know what tools you use to check, but remember that the tools are not 100% accurate, only for reference.

In your personal experience, to check your Hosting or Server location, you can use This is a tool that checks the location of the hostname or IP address quite accurately, it uses databases from three major sources including: DB-IP, IP2Location and MaxMind GeoLite2.

Check with hostname, for all 3 results from SG:

Check with hostname, the first result is US, the next 2 results are SG:

Check with hostname, the first result is CA, the next 2 results are SG:

In addition to the above tool, I often run traceroute to directly see the path of the packet from the computer to the IP address and then rely on the last few routes to come to a conclusion. On Windows (using cmd, tracert command) or macOS (using Network Utility, Traceroute tab) are available tools for you to use.

For example, running traceroute with IP Hosting in Hawk Host’s Hong Kong location, you can look at routes 11 and 12 to guess the location in HK:

If you have any other better way, share it by leaving a comment below.

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