How to convert Wix to WordPress?

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to convert Wix to WordPress. If you have a well-developed Wix website and need more control, converting Wix to WordPress will give you more control over the website.

The steps for converting Wix to WordPress include:

  1. Register WordPress web host and domain
  2. Install a new WordPress website
  3. Import the blog post from Wix by RSS
  4. Create a Wix page on WordPress
  5. Add pictures to WordPress
  6. Redirect Wix site to WordPress
  7. Check the entire website
  8. Below we will go deeper step by step so that you can convert site as fast as possible


Before converting Wix to WordPress, the first thing to do is install WordPress on a new site first.

The conversion time will depend on how big your Wix site is, and whether you need to keep current SEO settings to WordPress. You need to understand and know how to use WordPress.

Below are the two steps you need to prepare before converting your Wix site to WordPress.

1. Buy new hosting

With Wix, you are using the hosting of this platform itself. So to convert your site, you need a new host to host your website. Besides hosting, you also need a domain name or point current domain name you are using at Wix (if any) to.

If you are looking for a friendly, easy-to-use hosting for beginners, please refer to Hostinger’s hosting. You will get a free and fully compatible domain for you to convert your site from Wix to.

2. Install your WordPress Site

You already have a WordPress host and a domain that points to your new site. It’s time to install a new site. Refer to the following steps to install WordPress and set up your own site:

2.1 Install WordPress

Installing WordPress on your site may be different depending on the hosting platform you choose.

But the easiest way is to install WordPress using the one-click installer. On Hostinger, this tool has been perfected and ready for use in the control panel.

Now you have WordPress installed on the site, and you can access the admin page to manage it. The URL of the management site looks like

2.2 Install your site

Log in to the admin page, you will see the WordPress dashboard to manage WordPress.

Before you start, you can customize some of the basic settings.

First, go to Settings > Permalinks. Then select the ‘Post name‘ option. This will change the URL structure to make it easier to read and more search engine friendly.

Next you need to edit your site name and tagline. To do so, go to Settings > General.

At the top, you will see two boxes, ‘Site Title‘ and ‘Tagline‘. Change the content in this to change the site’s name and tagline.

Just enough to go through the next step.

2.3 Customize your site

You can customize your WordPress site with themes and plugins.

There are dozens of free WordPress themes available for you to install right from the WordPress dashboard. To install the theme, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New.

In addition to free theme options, you can also choose paid themes. Paid themes will usually have higher quality, and you can customize more and have more functionality.

If you’re looking for a paid theme, check out these marketplaces: ThemeForest, Studiopress, Elegant Themes, WordPress Premium Theme Directory.

You may find the theme similar to the Wix site design (if you want to keep the design).

Theme customization is also very simple. You can go to Themes> Customize to make some basic changes. Alternatively, you can visit the theme guide (attached when you purchase the theme) for more advanced tutorials.

Once you have a complete site, it’s time to move your Wix site to WordPress.

There are two ways to convert Wix to WordPress

There are two ways to convert your site:

  1. Use RSS feed and do some more copying
  2. Use the automatic site transfer plugin

Use RSS to Import Wix into WordPress

The first method to transfer data from Wix to WordPress is by RSS feed.

Note, this method only works with old Wix blogs. New blogs no longer have RSS feeds. So if you have recently built a Wix site, you can use the second way to convert your site.

If you are using an older version of Wix, follow these steps:

1. Find the RSS Feed location

First, you need to open the Wix RSS Feed by adding ‘/feed.xml‘ to the end of the URL.

If your site is then you type in your browser: ‘‘, or ‘‘.

This will also let you know if your Wix site has RSS feeds.

2. Save RSS File

In the RSS feed, right-click on the page and select ‘Save as’ to save the page. Depending on the browser you are using, you may have to rename the extension file. It is usually saved as .txt.

You need to rename the extension to .xml and save it on the desktop.

3. Import into WordPress

Now go to your WordPress dashboard, go to Tools > Import.

Find the RSS importer and click the ‘Run Importer’ button.

At the next screen, you can upload the RSS file you just downloaded.

When the importer completes, you will see that your posts have been uploaded successfully.

Go to Posts > All Posts, to see if the post has been moved to the end. There will be some formatting issues to handle, but, all your posts are now on the new blog.

RSS migration will only transfer your posts, and not each page of your site. So you need to do it manually.

4. Transfer the page to WordPress

There is no direct transfer method of the Wix website, so you need to do the manual copy and paste operation.

Open the site on your Wix site and copy the content of that page. Open WordPress and navigate to Pages > Add New.

Then paste the content into the new page.

You will need to do this on every Wix page until all the pages have been copied to WordPress.

5. Transfer pictures

The RSS feed migration above will only copy the content, but images are still hosted on the Wix platform.

There are 2 ways to transfer your images to a new host:

  • First, download each image from the Wix website and save it to your computer. Then upload them via WordPress using Media> Add New.
  • The second way to use the plugin is to download and transfer pictures for you. This plugin will download the entire image from Wix, copy the new image to your site and update the old image link.

To do this, download the Import External Images plugin. Activate and install the new plugin. Then go to Media > Import Images, click the ‘Import Images Now‘ button. It will upload your photo to your photo library and transfer the old links to the new photo link.

Use the CMS2CMS Plugin to convert automatically

CMS2CMS plugin will automatically convert data from Wix to your WordPress website.

It is a premium plugin, but with a small investment, this plugin will completely work for you. It also helps you process the entire conversion process and takes only 20 minutes to do this.

To use the plugin, follow these steps:

1. Install the plugin

To install the plugin, go to the WordPress dashboard management page, then go to Plugins > Add New. In the search bar, find the word “CMS2CMS: Automated Wix to WordPress“.

Then click the ‘Install Now‘ button and then ‘Activate‘.

2. Create an account

Open the plugin by going to Plugins > Wix to WordPress.

Now create your account or sign in with your old account.

3. Connect to your Wix website

In the next step, you need to connect to your old Wix website.

Enter the URL of the Wix website and click the ‘Verify Connection’ button. If you have entered the correct URL, you are ready to perform the migration.

4. Run the migration

Now you can set up conversions. Choose the type of content you want to convert and what content you do not want to convert.

For a small fee, you can also convert:

  • Metadata
  • Image
  • Set up 301 redirect

If you are satisfied and agree to the price, click the ‘Complete Migration‘ button.

The conversion will be made as soon as you pay.

After converting Wix to WordPress

Regardless of which method you use, after you have done the conversion you should do some work before the site is accessible from anyone.

There are 4 things you need to do to clean up your website:

Create the WordPress Menu

The main navigation menu makes it easy for visitors to select individual items and view your website.

Go to the WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Menus. Name the menu and click the ‘Create Menu‘ button. Now select any page you created from the left and click on the ‘Add to Menu‘ button. After the menu is created, click ‘Save Menu‘.

To set a menu for your site, click ‘Manage Locations‘. Depending on your theme, you will be able to set the menu to the appropriate location. If you want to display the menu at the top, select the ‘Main Menu‘ or ‘Header Menu‘.

Redirect Wix Site to WordPress site

Now you may need to redirect your old Wix site to the new WordPress site. This will help if someone visits the old site, they will immediately be redirected to your new site.

However, if the Wix site is built on a subdomain, then you can not use the redirection feature. However, if you have already used the CMS2CMS plugin and paid for the redirection feature, you do not have to do this anymore.

Now we can continue with the redirection. First, copy this code:

The first string, “#!about/ghit6”, will be your old WIX URL, and the second, ‘/about/’, will be the URL of the new page on WordPress.

You need to make these changes for each URL on your Wix website.

Next, save this file under the name redirect.js and upload the file to the /js/ directory on the server.

Finally, you need to edit the functions.php file, so that the newly created file can be run.

Open functions.php and add the following line of code:

Save and upload the new functions.php to complete the redirection setup.

Install Yoast SEO plugin

If you are using SEO tools built into Wix, and you want to optimize search similar to the WordPress site, then you can choose a popular SEO tool is the most popular today.

That is Yoast SEO. This plugin will help you optimize the entire articles and pages for the target keyword, and also constantly improve to assist you in SEO during the writing process.

To install this plugin, go to Plugins > Add New, and look for ‘Yoast SEO‘.

Then, install and activate the plugin. After activation, you can configure the plugin with the tutorial article on our Yoast SEO plugin.

Check again the content and multimedia files

Finally, you will need to run the final test. It is possible that the format or error link will appear during the conversion.

Open each page to check that the image, function, and structure are exactly what you want it to display.

Please review the entire page and article before publishing them. This will help you see the error message and ensure the format of the article, and how to display it perfectly in the browser.

Be patient if this last step takes a lot of time. Great things are not built in just one day.


The conversion process from Wix to WordPress can be a bit complicated, but with this tutorial, you have mastered the whole process and can safely convert.

By converting from Wix to WordPress, you can have more control over your website, manage your data, and grow your website.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to complete the complicated process between converting 2 different CMS.

Have you successfully converted from Wix to WordPress? Please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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