How to customize Gmail address?

There are many great tips with Gmail, the best free mail service in the world today that you may not know, let’s explore.

With only 2 ways below, you will create unlimited variations of the mailbox with only 1 address, serving different purposes. For example, register for multiple accounts that only need one email, or each service uses a different email address.

Add dots (.) to the email address

You can add dots to any position between characters in your mail account. Gmail completely ignores this dot, when sending an email will be considered sending to the email address without the other dot.

This feature will be useful when you have a long, multiple-word email address. Adding dots to the middle of each word will make it easier for others to read and remember. Of course, it should use only limited, when writing that must use a lot of dots will be quite uncomfortable.

The only note when using that is that you cannot use a dot at the beginning or at the end of a mail account, and do not use two consecutive dots, that’s all.

Add the plus sign (+) at the end of the email address

In addition to using (.), You can use (+) followed by words or characters, any number is okay. Gmail will ignore the plus sign (+) and all the characters behind it.

This way you can create an unlimited number of email addresses

Normally, I use this method to register and subscribe to websites and blogs, each with a different address. When you receive the email, you will immediately know where you have subscribed. Assuming the email has been spammed, it is also known who did this and can block all incoming mail.

After using the customized email address, you can create filters for each of these addresses, the email will be automatically labeled, archived, deleted, etc. according to your choice.


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