How to design a website with WIX?

Web design with WIX is a free form of website design that is quite popular in European countries, where users can design their own website by using the tools, set the features for the website that this platform provides. Web design with WIX is relatively easy, WIX has a large user community and the ability to support quite high. Just register a user account, you can use most tools to create a website as you like.

In this article, CouponTree will guide you the way to design the web with WIX quickly, efficiently.

How to design a website with WIX?

As we mentioned, WIX is a platform that helps users set up and use their website in the most easily understandable way for people who do not have much experience and knowledge about the web. So it has a lot of detailed instructions, step by step, and you just select the options that this page offers. You can refer to the following steps.

Step 1: Create your account

First, go to, select “Start Now

In Create New Account, you choose to enter your username and password.

Then, the system will ask you to choose the purpose of creating the website, here WIX provides two types of website for the user, which is to create a personal website or create a website for partners. (you choose one of these options)

Step 2: Select the web template

Once successfully logged in, the system will redirect you to the web interface. Here you can find hundreds of templates for each topic.

To view, click on the Demo or click Edit to edit and set the details on the page as you want

Step 3: Design and customize the content

After selecting the website template, the next step is to customize the elements on the website. In the ‘Design‘ tab, you can change the wallpaper, color, and font to suit your brand or company.

You can also click on ‘Pages‘ and delete, add and create subpages to suit your website needs.

You can also add areas that represent your products or services, media that can interact with, and call-to-action buttons to attract potential customers when they visit your website.

Step 4: Application of third parties integration

Third-party applications can be understood as plugins, widgets in WordPress. It gives your site more unique features and links to other units.

You can go to “App Market” to find the right app for your business – Ex: Instagram, Soundcloud, and AdSense of Google, and in just a few clicks, you can integrate these services into your WIX website.

In addition, to make the site more efficient and increase the number of users, you can also integrate social networking channels into your website. Web design with WIX can assist you to do this.

In WIX’s “App Market”, you can easily drag and drop social apps into your web pages without any hassle and no additional cost.

Step 5: SEO Optimization

Today, SEO standards web design is the minimum requirement for any website. When designing web pages with WIX, you can also set these features in the Settings section of each page.

Step 6: Publish website

Once you have set up all the elements on the web as desired, you can proceed to put your site into action by clicking the Publish button.

In this step, you can enter the desired domain name. Web design with WIX will usually have the domain name type:

So CouponTree has guided you step by step web design with WIX in a simple and effective way.

Similar to other free website design platforms like Blogger or WordPress, WIX also requires users to have a certain investment in writing articles, linking, SEO optimizing, updating regularly, etc, to achieve the best performance.

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