How to enable Memcached on Hawk Host?

The Hawk Host blog has announced support for Memcached on all servers, which applies to all hosting plans. You are using Hawk Host hosting, then enable immediately.

Memcached is a cache function of a system that uses RAM instead of a hard drive to read write as before. Due to the speed of RAM is very fast Memcached will increase the performance greatly, especially to minimize the request to the database (which takes a lot of system resources), because the queries are cached on RAM.

The Memcached operation model:

This function is great, but it is absolutely free, if you are using Hawk Host hosting, please enable it now.

Enable Memcached on Hawk Host

To enable using Memcached on Hawk Host hosting, follow these steps:

1. Login to cPanel, look for the word Memcache

You need to use the Paper Lantern theme to see this option, in cPanel click Change Style to change. If you do not see this theme in the list, then Open Ticket contact support. The content can be referenced as follows: “I want to change cPanel theme to Paper Lantern”.

2. Click the Start Memcached link

3. If successful, you will receive IP and Port information. Here is localhost which has IP with Port 39505

4. Activate the PHP module by going to the Select PHP Version section and then enabling the memcache and memcached modules.

5. Enable the cache mode using Memcached.

Depending on CMS type you are using that different enabling. If using WordPress you install the W3 Total Cache plugin, select the cache mode using Memcached instead of Disk and save is complete.

Note: Because each user has different ports, you need to enter each cache mode, including Page Cache, Database Cache, Object Cache to change the default Memcached configuration, for example, port 11211 to 38726.

Try and feel the speed that Memcached brings.

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