ICANN secretly agreed to increase the price of .COM domain names and what we need to do

In early 2020, ICANN announced a number of important changes in the contract with Verisign, including the increase in the price of .COM domain names.

The changes in the contract between ICANN and Verisign are changed silently, without the comments and feedback from the ICANN community or Internet users as usual.

The price of .COM domain names will increase by 70% in 10 years

Specifically, with the new agreement, the .COM domain name will increase by 7% for each year, from 2020 to 2023. Next, after 2 years of freezing, from 2026 to 2029, .COM will be able to continue its 7% price increase cycle. If nothing changes, then within the next 10 years, .COM domain names will be about 70% higher than the current price. Do you believe in the above number?

The above increase applies to wholesale prices, and on the user side, it is not clear which suppliers will apply.

(This rate of increase has been forecast since last year when the US government gave Verisign the green light for an increase in domain names.)

What does ICANN get in the new agreement?

To reach consensus, Verisign agreed to pay ICANN an additional $20 million over five years to support the plan to develop the security and stability of the domain name system.

What are the benefits of Verisign?

Although it is unclear why Verisign decided to spend a lot of money on the money. But the company has also received many new things thanks to the new agreement. Accordingly, Verisign will be allowed to operate a domain name registrar itself.

Even if the condition is not to sell the .COM domain name directly, Verisign can still act as a reseller of the .COM domain names through another subsidiary.

This will create unfair competition for the entire domain name registration market. Verisign – who can control up to 80% of the price of this most popular extension registration will easily manipulate the whole market.

Speak up now or never

.COM is the most popular extension today, it accounts for 73% of the total domain name in the system. Before these very uncomfortable changes, we need to act together now.

Let ICANN know how you feel

Only more than 2 days left to comment, please respond directly to ICANN by your personal email at this link. As a customer, as a direct user, your honest input can lead ICANN to reconsider its decision.

Reportedly, registrars around the world are also trying to influence ICANN, share ideas and call upon the community to eliminate the increase in the price of .COM domain names.

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