If you are using Vultr, please enable 2-layer security

If you are a Vultr customer, you should enable the 2-layer security feature to better protect the account.

Vultr has recently upgraded its Customer Portal management page to add some new features, especially for better account and server protection, please refer to it.

1. 2-layer account protection, add trusted device

This feature is easily enabled on the Authentication tab in the Settings page. There are two things you need to consider: Two Factor Authentication and Trusted Device Security.

  • Two Factor Authentication: enable 2-layer security
  • Trusted Device Security: add trusted devices

When activating 2-layer security, every time you log in, besides the password, you will need to enter a random code to access the management page. Vultr supports two authentication methods: software (Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy) or Yubikey physical security key.

In case you do not use 2-layer security, enable the Trusted Device Security feature, each login requires one more step to get the verification code in the mail that Vultr sends.

2. Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a global trend, Vultr is quickly adding this feature to its management page. To activate, go to the Preferences tab in the Settings page.

Now, instead of black text on a white background, the Vultr interface will now change to light text on a dark background, look cooler, reduce eye strain at night.

Also, do not forget to change the time zone displayed in the Display Timezone section so that Vultr displays the resource usage graph, date, support ticket for accuracy.

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Good luck.

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