InMotion Hosting Reviews

Founded in 2001, InMotion has grown strongly and in 2015, it ranked #20 in U.S market share. Today, with data centers located in both coasts of the US, InMotion is supporting hundreds of thousands of customers in the continent. In this post, we are going to review this hosting platform to see if it is worthful to register domains on.

To make it easy to follow, our review will be divided into the following areas:

  • InMotion’s pros and cons
  • Hosting services
  • Outstanding features
  • Pricing plans
  • Customer service
  • Performance

To begin with, let’s find out big advantages InMotion offer and some points it isn’t doing at best.

InMotion Hosting’ Pros and Cons


  • Excellent response times
  • Easy-to-use web builder for beginners
  • Dedicated support team with in-depth knowledge
  • A strong community connected via message boards, profound tutorials


  • Out-of-date customer support software
  • Downtime issues

InMotion Hosting Services

There are 5 hosting services InMotion offers, namely:

  • Shared web hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Domain names (reseller of Tucows)

You may feel a bit disappointed when InMotion doesn’t include Cloud hosting in their services. However, considering the great example, Godaddy debacle in Europe this year, perhaps you will realize that cloud plan is such that ideal. Though we do hope that the company will roll out some cloud plans in the future, even if they won’t, that isn’t something that’s really problematic.

InMotion’s features

Website Design Services

This interesting service includes 4 steps: an interview, content sending, overall review, and publishing. You only are charged and given a hosting plan when the last step, publishing is completed. For me, this is quite an amazing service since it saves customers a lot of time for not having to design websites themselves. For those who are not confident enough about their designing skills but still want a beautiful, custom-made and responsive web design, InMotion’s Website design services is definitely a great feature.

BoldGrid Website Builder

Creating a website sometimes requires you to have certain techniques, or else, you need to have a professional to get it done properly, which may cost you some extra money. Fortunately, with InMotion’s website builder, website creation gets easier than ever. Integrating the simplicity of drag-and-drop and a powerful CMS, BoldGrid is perfect website builder for inexperienced users.

InMotion Hosting’s Pricing Plans

InMotion offers 3 plans for customers to choose from, ranging from $7.99/month to $15.99/month:

  • Launch: suitable for all skill levels, includes 2 free website domains, unlimited Disk space, and bandwidth
  • Power: suitable for small businesses, includes 6 free website domains, unlimited Disk space, and bandwidth
  • Pro: fully unlimited hosting plan for developers and growing business, offers pro-level support.

Besides key offerings above, all 3 plans include free SSL, Anti-DDoS and Anti-Malware protection, unlimited email and FTP accounts, website transfer support, 24/7 customer support, free automatic backup, etc.,

Though InMotion shows their prices as “monthly”, it actually doesn’t mean that you are charged once a month. Instead, you have to pay for the whole contract (12-month period) in advance if you pick Launch or Power Plan. “Monthly” fee is only available if you opt for Pro plan, but surely, it isn’t as cost-effective as you pay for the whole 12 months.

Here are prices in details for each pricing plan based on the payment period:


The prices seem not very competitive when compared to other hosts. However, considering the fact that even Launch, the cheapest price offers almost all necessary things like free domain, website security, SSD disks, etc., InMotion is still a strong competitor in the hosting industry. The thing that even makes it greater is the company now is launching a special promotion, giving customers an opportunity to purchase its plans discounted up to 50% (only $3.99 for Launch plan).

After your first payment period (often goes with a discount) ends, you have to pay full price if you want your sites to continue being hosted by the company. InMotion gives its transparence about this, as it’s pretty easy to see everything right from the dashboard.

Overall, InMotion Hosting Plans are feature-rich and quite affordable with a special offer. Though there is an inflexibility when Launch plan and Power plan don’t include monthly payment, it’s not a big problem since it’s pretty rare that someone needs their website for only one month.

InMotion Hosting Customer Service

What really impresses me about this Host is its strong community. InMotion provides an “education channel” for all major topic or software, where users can read related articles and tutorials to self-resolve their problems.

In case it doesn’t work or you want an instant support, you can connect to support team via three ways:

  • Phone/Skype
  • Ticket/Email
  • Live Chat

Now, we will look deeper into each service:

Phone Service/Skype Review

Instead of a long in-call interactive menu, InMotion provides numbers for specific fields, namely technical support, account & billing, sales, and lastly web design services. This way, customers can get connected to an expert in the area which they have issues in very quickly. The usual time it takes is just as little as 20 seconds or even less.

Chatting with support team also brings me quite a satisfying experience. They are all knowledgeable, professional and capable of handle customers’ questions gently and quickly, which leaves me a very good impression.

Ticket/Email Service Review

If you feel that it’s better for your issues to be solved in writing, you can choose emails/tickets support option. The admin panel is where you can see the reply if you don’t want to waste some time logging in your email accounts, however, its design is not very eye-catching.

For example, the ticket history is not showcased so when you receive a response, you can’t know what question it refers to. There has been a lot of complains about this issue but until now, it hasn’t been fixed yet though the company promised about the improvements in 2016.

Having said that, the ticket support system isn’t all bad. On the positive side, the response time is quite fast, with 80% of the questions being replied in 3 hours in regular.

Chat Service Review

In this review about chat service, I will judge it based on 3 main criteria: wait times, support team’s knowledge and the way they handle customer questions.

About wait times, it is only 5 minutes. This is quite a positive result. It is also worth noticing that I got the replies really fast. I’m pretty surprised that the support team knows much about everything, so in terms of knowledge, InMotion support team is doing quite well. I also notice that the way the support team handles my issues is very smart. They always keep a decent conversation. The only issue is the live chat system which is a little bit outdated and needs to be improved. Overall, with the speed as well as in-depth knowledge of the support team, InMotion chat service is still good.

Performance Evaluation

InMotion Speed During Low Upkeep

The response time of InMotion varies from locations to locations. US has the fastest response times (21ms) while Singapore has quite a bad response time (681 ms). Overall, the response times of InMotion in all locations were actually rather fast, most are less than 300 ms.

Speed With BoldGrid Website Builder

With BoldGrid website builder, the response time is a bit worse, but still acceptable. The response time in most locations is less than 200ms.

It can be said that InMotion has done decent job optimizing its American servers for users all over the world. The server response time in Japan, London, Brazil and Sydney is just 83 ms between each other.

Server Overall Uptime

The regular website response times of InMotion is slightly under 200ms. This is quite a fast response time since one blink also takes 200ms.

However, regarding the downtimes, there are some concerns. When I used this hosting for my website last month, the longest downtime was up to 11 minutes. Besides that, there were many other “micro-downtimes” which often lasted 1 to 2 minutes. Fortunately, those downtime issues can be fixed by a content delivery network (CDN). The best option that I can recommend is CloudFlare.


It’s undeniable that at a reasonable price, InMotion hosting provides people with flexible and convenient services. However, InMotion frequently has downtimes while being used, which dissatisfies its users and requires an updated version.

Conclusively, although it has some drawbacks, InMotion hosting remains its position to become a great choice because of its functions and affordable price.

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