.IO domains are dominating the Apple App Store

Do you know what is a trend that is extremely popular on the Apple App Store lately? That is the .IO domain name.

.IO is the top-level domain (ccTLD) of the British Indian Ocean Territory. However, it has been used by many startup companies, technology websites for the I/O concept (input/output).

On the Apple App Store today, suddenly, a series of games called abc.io, completely different from the way we often see this extension is used. The list of free top games has up to 8 games named with .IO:

  • Paper.io 2
  • Hole.io
  • Bumper.io
  • Ping.io
  • Tornado.io
  • Slither.io
  • Paper.io
  • Beetles.io

Does the naming of games in this format have a major benefit for domain owners?

I do not think so. Because not all of the above games own the .IO domain name. It is strange and confusing!

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