Is Godaddy trying to delay domain transfer?

To prevent the transfer of domain names to Namecheap on the occasion of Move Your Domain Day 2018, it seems Godaddy is trying to make it difficult for customers.

Yesterday, Namecheap has posted on blog about their suspicion that Godaddy is causing difficulties for the domain transfer process.

Accordingly, the GoDaddy blocking Whois information, not all publicity data, led to the delay of domain transfer for some customers. This seems to violate ICANN’s Whois rules.

To fix this, Namecheap has also reassured its customers that, even if they did not do so immediately, you just contact the support, which will be supported quickly.

Only less than 2 hours is the Namecheap domain name transfer program will end. Do not know if you transfer domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap have any problem? Let’s share more information for everyone to know.

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