Is Wix worth opting for?

Wix has gained huge popularity in the website building landscape. Today it is powering more than 100 million websites all over the world.

Wix website builder is well-known for its ease of use. There’s no need for complicated installment (Wix runs in your web browser) and advanced techniques. To create a website, all you have to do is creating an account, picking a template, and then start styling your own website. One more great thing about Wix is it saves you time for searching and figuring out the best hosting site to register your site domain as Wix provides its own web hosting.

In this post, we will go deeper into Wix’s details to see how this website builder performs in different areas. Let’s check out below.

Wix’s pros and cons


  • Wonderful templates with beautiful designs and fitting different industries
  • No restriction for which elements to be movable
  • Totally animate images and elements
  • Easy third-party integrations
  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), a powerful tool which automatically connects to social media, create a contact form or choose a design which is most likely to be favored by audiences
  • Restorable important information thanks to automatic backup features


  • More pricey than other competitors (Wix’s starter plan costs $11 per month while Jimdo’s plan starts at around $7,50 per month)
  • Unable to switch to a completely new template, it’s only possible to edit the design of the initially chosen one

Wix’s Monthly Pricing (for a 1-year contract)

Wix offers both free and paid plans for customers to choose from.

Without spending a penny, you can create your own website with Wix ads, but your site domain is only included with a payment of $5 per month. At this price, your site still shows Wix ads.

The ads are only removed when you pick the Combo plan (11$). This plan is suitable for small professional websites with plenty of storage.

With just 3 more dollars spent each month, at $14, you can get Unlimited plan which gives you unlimited storage (up to 10 GB).

The highest pricing plan is Business and E-commerce (starting at 20$ for Business Basic). Picking this plan, you will be able to access apps like Wix bookings or Wix hotels. The highest level of this plan, Business VIP will give you up to 50GB of storage and 30 hours for video storage.

Regarding the price as well as offerings of each plan, we feel that Combo is the most cost-effective plan and can suit different needs. With just a price as affordable as $11, you can have removed Wix ads, 1 domain and the medium-sized storage which is quite enough if your store’s demand is not very high.

Reviews on Wix details

Ease of use

On Wix, you can edit your website easily. In case you get confused somewhere, the FAQ section is a useful source where you are likely to find reasons and solutions to your problems. The site also provides videos that introduce different features. Most Wix users love Wix ADI (Wix Artificial Design Intelligence), a special builder which configures your website by working with social media. Using this builder is flexible, meaning you can switch to the regular builder at any time.


All of Wix’s templates look professional and fully-customizable for pixel-perfect. You can choose a version that is designed for mobile-friendliness. On Wix’s editor, you can make your website visually appealing and unique by embedding videos or using your own fonts.


Up to 16 languages are supported by Wix. It also allows for creating multilingual websites. The creation is simple and hassle-free, however, may not be suitable for larger sites since they can’t use different URLs for different languages.


  • Free domain: you can use a free domain for up to 1 year when picking combo or higher plans. Only domains ending with .com, .org, and .info are supported. The cost for your domain renewal starts at $14.95 per year. The ability to migrate from an existing domain to Wix is included in “Connect Domain” or higher package. SSL encryption is always provided.
  • A depth of navigation: This is one of Wix’s weaknesses as it only supports two levels to the maximum.
  • Widgets and apps: Wix App Market is a great source of numerous exceptional and easy-to-integrate apps. From there, you can find apps like Wix Music to sell and promote music, Wix Bookings that allows clients to book and pay for appointments, and many more robust widgets and apps to promote your site performance.
  • Monetization: Users are able to integrate Good AdSense, use banner ads and affiliate links.
  • E-commerce package: with a fairly priced package (at 20$ per month), entrepreneurs can sell on both online and physical stores as well as tracking the inventory easily.
  • SEO: Wix’s SEO capabilities have been greatly improved in the last few years. Manipulations like editing page titles, changing descriptions and adding tags can be accomplished individually on Wix. They also produce advanced SEO tools like 301 redirects. One small disadvantage is the image file names Wix have altered are quite cryptic (g. 09ab7~mv2.jpg/). Full Wix’s SEO tutorials for beginners are provided on the website.
  • Blog: Wix’s blog is SEO-friendly and encompasses all necessary features like tags, categories, RSS, etc. Scheduling, editing, and publishing blog posts can be done via Wix mobile app. It is possible for visitors to comment on the posts using Facebook or Disqus account.
  • Visitor analytics: This feature requires integration with Google Analytics
  • Contact form: Wix creates a simple contact form for any user. You can create your own unique contact form using tools downloaded from App Market.
  • Newsletter tool: Wix’s ShoutOut newsletter service is very easy to use and is beautifully designed. It incorporates basic features like sending newsletters, update, and offers to your site’s visitors, etc. which can suit most store’s needs.
  • Storage: Wix’s storage space ranges from 500 MB to 20GB based on the pricing plan you choose. The monthly bandwidth is metered in most plans, but it only matters if you are a large site (2 GB bandwidth of the Combo plans is supposed to be enough for up to 5000 visitors per month). Large sites are recommended to opt for Unlimited and VIP plans which offer unmetered bandwidth.
  • Backup feature: Wix comes with an extremely convenient control system called Site History. With this tool, you will never lose any important data since it can be restored with just one click.
  • Support: When getting stuck, you can get in touch with the support team via Wix Support Center. Forum and phone support are also available.
  • HTML code addition: Wix do allow this feature. Users are free to add multiple widgets and tools using an app.

Our conclusion:

Considering all above-mentioned details,, with highlighting features such as visually impressive layouts, mobile-friendliness, and third-party integration capabilities, without doubt, is an ideal website builder to create a website.

Its ease of use as well as high flexibility makes Wix a most suitable option for photographers, bands, artists and other small businesses.

Though Wix has some limitations such as it’s not possible to switch to an entirely new theme, the overall performance is quite impressive and with its fast development, as can be seen now, we can look forward to Wix’s greater enhancements in the future.

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