Kimsufi discount KS-3C and KS-2E servers, up to 50%

Kimsufi has Flash Sale for two dedicated servers, KS-3C and KS-2E, which is down 50%.

KS-3C Server get 50% discount to $12.99/mo with Intel i3-2130 – 8GB DDR3 – 1x2TB SATA, location Beauharnois, Canada.

KS-2E Server is reduced by 30% to €6.99/mo with Intel AtomN2800 – 4GB DDR2 – 1x2TB SATA, location Découvrir, France.

Both servers have unlimited bandwidth, 100 Mbps port, Free Anti-DDoS. Registration for the first time will take a fee to setup.

See more Kimsufi packages here.

Due to the display French interface, if you register you will need Google Translate for page.

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