Kimsufi Flash Sale for KS-3B Package, 16 GB RAM for only €11.99

For the Kimsufi fans, they are currently running a Flash Sale program that is exclusive to the KS-3B package at a discount of 40%.

The price of this package was €20.99 (not including tax), now reduced to 40%, only €11.99, too good. The configuration parameters of this package are as follows:

KS-3B servers

  • Intel i5-750
  • 2c / 2t @ 2,67GHz
  • 16GB DDR3 1333 MHz
  • 2TB Hard disk
  • 9,99€ installation fee
  • Order here

This promotion will expire soon, you should order soon. Registration fee is €9.99, pay only once.

Datacenter in France, unlimited bandwidth, port speed 100 Mbps, Free Anti-DDoS. If you need better server performance, higher bandwidth and support for private networks please refer to OVH.

Good luck!!!

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