Kimsufi is discounting a range of dedicated servers, priced at just €3.99

There is a sale for a dedicated server on Kimsufi, please refer to.

There are many servers involved in this discount, the lowest price now is €3.99/month for KS-1 package, the former is €4.79.

Taking advantage of OVH’s datacenters, as well as the global optical fiber network with anti-DDoS technology, Kimsufi offers dedicated server dedicated to low cost customers.

Promotion will be finished soon, you should order soon. Registration fee is €9.99, pay only once.

View details and register here.

Website interface using French but you can use the feature to translate the website into English on Chrome by right click, select Translate to English.

Datacenters in France and Canada, unlimited bandwidth, 100 Mbps port, Free Anti-DDoS. If you need better server performance, bandwidth and private networks please refer to OVH.

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