Let’s Encrypt will start offering Wildcard Certificates from 2018, will remain free as usual

As planned, Let’s Encrypt will start offering free wildcard certificates from January 2018.

A Wildcard Certificate can be used with an unlimited number of subdomains. Users now need only one pair of certificates & key for each domain that applies to the entire subdomains (*.domain.com), thereby enabling HTTPS simpler than before.

The Wildcard Certificates is a feature that has received many additional requests since the early days of Let’s Encrypt. This is an important milestone for Let’s Encrypt to progress towards the goal of turning HTTPS into 100% used on the Internet.

Currently, Let’s Encrypt is being used by over 47 million domain names, helping to increase the percentage of HTTPS pages that use 40% (end of 2015) to nearly 58%.

If you are interested in Wildcard Certificates and would like to donate to this project, please join here.

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