Linode adds Singapore and London to the Block Storage list

Finally, Linode has added Singapore and London to its Block Storage support list.

Block Storage is a feature that allows you to add up to 10TB of storage without upgrading your existing server configuration.

Because of the high cost of SSDs, cloud server providers often come up with limited-capacity plans. Web sites that want more storage space are required to upgrade the server configuration. Block Storage or Volume generated to solve this problem.

Block Storage prices are quite similar among vendors, usually $0.10/GB. Linode allows up to 10TB, minimum 10GB. Can attach or detach volume without having to reboot server.

Previously, Linode had only Block Storage in a number of datacenters, such as the US and the EU. Now, with the addition of Singapore and London to the list, users in the Asia-Pacific region will benefit directly. As expected, Tokyo 2 will be the next name to be supported in the third quarter of this year.

Visit Linode here.

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