Linode Birthday, free RAM for all customers

Celebrating the 13th birthday, Linode launched the largest incentive program in history, doubling the free RAM for all new and existing customers.

According to CloudHarmony research, Linode is the fourth largest cloud service provider in the world, following Amazon, Rackspace, and IBM. Up to now, Linode has more than half a million customers, deploying nearly 12 million servers.

I myself have been using Linode for a long time for the CouponTree blog, the only thing I do not like about it is that they do not accept paypal. Quality is excellent, both support and quality of service.

If you are using the Cloud Server service in Linode, proceed with the RAM upgrade now as Linode is offering Free to all customers. Current plans are as follows:

Old Plan New Plan Price
Linode 1 GB -> Linode 2 GB $10/mo ($0.015/hr)
Linode 2 GB -> Linode 4 GB $20/mo ($0.03/hr)
Linode 4 GB -> Linode 8 GB $40/mo ($0.06/hr)
Linode 8 GB -> Linode 12 GB $80/mo ($0.12/hr)
Linode 16 GB -> Linode 24 GB $160/mo ($0.24/hr)
Linode 32 GB -> Linode 48 GB $320/mo ($0.48/hr)
Linode 48 GB -> Linode 64 GB $480/mo ($0.72/hr)
Linode 64 GB -> Linode 80 GB $640/mo ($0.96/hr)
Linode 96 GB -> Linode 120 GB $960/mo ($1.44/hr)

The implementation of the upgrade process is extremely simple. On the Linode’s dashboard home page you will see the upgrade banner. Just click, everything is done automatically. If you are using legacy XEN plans, first go through KVM, then upgrade RAM.

If you have not tried the service in Linode, then register now, the opportunity is very good. We have a $20 coupon service here, please use it.

Wish you happy weekend!

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