Linode is free 3-month trial of Object Storage service

Along with the launch of Frankfurt’s new data center for Object Storage service, Linode is free 3-months trial for all customers.

Starting today until the end of 5/31/2020, you can freely sign up for a trial of this Linode S3-compatible hosting service without paying any money at all.

Do the following:

  • Sign up for an account and log in to Cloud Manager. Don’t forget to use the Linode Coupon to get another $20 donation.
  • Click the Object Storage menu on the left
  • Select “Add a Bucket” in the middle

Linode Object Storage makes it easy to store unstructured data for users at a very low cost. You can use this service to store everything from multimedia files to something as complex as machine learning applications.

Currently, we are free to use. After that, Standard packages cost $5/month for 250GB capacity and 1TB outbound transfer, if used too, the fee is $0.02/GB. Inbound transfers are unlimited and completely free.

If you do not know what this service is, please refer to Linode’s guide here:

This time, Linode dissipated too, the previous day was given $100 credit, free DDoS protection now free Object Storage always.

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