Linode launches Block Storage, free service from now until the end of the year

Linode is testing the Block Storage service, which adds up to 1TB of storage to the VPS.

Block Storage operates independently of the Linode instance, so it can be mounted or unmounted to another server without having to reboot. Block Storage Volumes are cloned into 3, NVMe/HDD hardware and connected to Linode’s cloud platform, allowing you to easily scale, resize and resize.

DigitalOcean has had a similar long-awaited, even newly launched Object Storage, Vultr is testing in some locations, now Linode has begun beta in Fremont.

Linode’s Block Storage rates are similar to those of other providers, $0.10 per GB and FREE from now until the end 2017. Prices will start from 2018.

From now on you can experience Block Storage by logging into the Linode Manager management page and selecting Manage Volumes.

More information about the trial program here.

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