This year’s Valentine, Linode added the Pack of High Memory, has a special $5 plan

This year’s Valentine, instead of launching promotions, Linode has stunned the Cloud Server market with the $5 plan, along with a whole new line of High Memory.

Over 10 years of service, Linode still offers only one standard server line, which saves costs, serving the general need to balance resources between RAM, CPU, storage capacity.

However, cloud server needs innovation, because the demand is diverse. This is why Valentine’s Day, Linode has added a new line of products, High Memory Plans.

High Memory Plans are VPS/Cloud Server plans optimized for special tasks requiring a lot of memory space, such as database storage, caching, rendering, and data processing. You will have more RAM to use, starting with 16GB up to a maximum of 200GB. Prices range from $60 to $960.

In addition, Linode also added a new Standard Plan, causing other vendors to be startled. Linode 1GB costs only $5 only.

This is Linode’s lowest plan, which configuration is very delicious. Vultr cost $5 cheapest before only 768MB only. Usually $5 is only 512MB of RAM.

In addition to the above plans, Linode this time there are many new improvements:


Now you can easily upgrade or downgrade configuration, even between different server lines.


Linode broke up with the old XEN virtualization platform to get to KVM. If you have been using Linode for years, just click on the Upgrade to KVM link in the Dashboard page to jump to this new platform.

Increase the capacity of Linode 2GB plan

Last thing, plan linode 2GB ($10/mo) will be upgraded completely free, from 24GiB to 30GiB. You need to resize the disk to use this space.

One more thing, this is the best thing ever! Linode has raised the outbound network limit to as low as 1000 Mbps, previously only 125 Mbps. Older servers just reboot what is used immediately.

Linode is so good now, if you do not already know this provider, register Linode now. Linode is offering $20 trial credit.

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