Linode updates all plans, adds more capacity, RAM, CPU

Linode has a large adjustment, updates all plans, adds more resources.

All plans on Linode are upgraded with additional resources.

Standard Plans are Linode increased SSD hard drive capacity, with larger Standard Plans offering increased RAM and vCPU. In addition, Linode also launched the super standard plan – Linode 192GB.

Screenshot of old and new plan parameters for you to compare changes:

Old plans

New plans

High Memory Plans also gain more RAM. Like Standard Plans, High Memory Plans also add the largest plan Linode 300GB.

All new plan details have been updated on the Linode price list.

When you create a new server, you will get a new configuration, with old, pre-configured servers being automatically upgraded. You will see a “pending upgrade” message in the Linode Manager administration page.

This time, Linode updates too big. Hopefully we will see the next upgrade from Vultr, DigitalOcean and many more providers.

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