List of the best VPS used to set satellite site for SEO

When making satellite website system for SEO, one of the most important things is to make sure each website has its own IP, hide domain information, or use different domain information.

The purpose is to ensure you have a satellite with natural, safe and clean backlink system, Google not suspected for Sandbox.

There are various strategies for building different satellite site system, some using Blogspot, However, the most effective way, I think, is to build a website on your own hosting, use the WordPress source code, use the international .COM or .NET domain name and IP must be different.

Typically, each VPS will have a separate IP for you to use. Therefore, to choose VPS as the satellite site system, we will note two things: the monthly rent and the cost of buying IP.

The speed of access is not very noticeable, because we create a satellite website is for Google to access, but Google has servers around the world already.

During the VPS experience, I know there are many vendors for free IP address, or very cheaply for just $1 – $1.5 per month. These are very good options.

In addition, there is another option is the 512MB RAM VPS packages that cost between $12 – $15/year is also a reasonable choice, costing about $1- $1.25 per month (512MB is the minimum RAM required to run the web server). However, this method has the disadvantage that super-quality packages are often not good quality.

List of the best VPS used to set satellite site for SEO

1. OVH

This is the first name I want to introduce, OVH.

OVH is a well known VPS, Cloud, Dedicated Server provider in the world, especially in Europe. The extra IP here is very cheap, only $3/IP, a one time payment, no monthly maintenance fee.

In particular you can select the IP of different countries, see detailed information and instructions here.

The lowest VPS price here is $3.49 a month with the VPS SSD, 2GB RAM, 10GB RAID10 SSD package. Each VPS adds up to 16 IPv4. That’s great, right?

The weakness of OVH is that the VPS is located in two locations – Beauharnois (North America) and Gravelines (Northern France). In addition, the registration process in OVH is complicated when you have to verify the address information through electricity, water, Internet bills.

Note: Do not add all 16 IPs at once to avoid being the same C class and being reviewed takes time, so add each IP one.

1. Time to add IP is about 5-10 minutes..
2. Buy an IP at the CA and transfer to the US, so that the same rate in Class C will decrease.

2. Aruba Cloud

The lowest Cloud VPS package in Aruba Cloud offers as much as 1GB of RAM, 1 CPU Core, 20GB SSD for only €1/month. This configuration is enough for you to run a medium satellite site. Of course each server still receives its own private IP.

At a cost of €1/month you usually only buy 1 IP, but now get a server configuration is not medium. Too good!!!

Offering cheap and available IP prices like these can only be European giants, Aruba Cloud currently has five data centers in Italy, the Czech Republic, France, Germany and the UK.

Aruba Cloud is currently offering a €2 free trial voucher, equivalent to 2 servers to spend in a month, so great!!!


INIZ is a well known VPS provider in the world. The extra IP here is £1/mo, which is roughly $1.3/mo, quite pleasant. Maximum of 4 IPs per VPS.

Recently INIZ has just added Singapore location, there is also a 25% off lifetime coupon for VPS and IP. It only costs $0.91/IP/month.

VPS quality here is quite good to do satellite site system, this opportunity should not be missed!

4. Vultr

With Vultr launching the cloud server package for just $ 2.5 a month, Vultr should be listed on this list.

Server quality in Vultr is too good, very stable. Especially with the $2.5  512MB RAM package, too much to make a satellite site. In addition, each server here is added a maximum of two IPv4 addresses, the price is calculated per hours and $2/month, is not too expensive.

See more Vultr promotions in Vultr Coupon.

5. Impact VPS

Impact VPS was introduced a few months ago and has been trusted by many people.

This provider’s VPS is quite special when sold as a package, meaning that from an initial package, you can split up into several smaller VPS packages to fit your needs.

The VPS packages are quite varied, with a minimum of $6 a month (after using a 50% lifetime discount coupon) for 4GB of RAM, 45GB SSDs and 5 IPv4s for a comfortable satellite site. The IP number is fixed, can not buy more.

Impact VPS is one of the most appropriate options.

6. Virmach

Virmach is also a name that should be mentioned with lots of promotions.

At Virmach I still emphasize Windows VPS packages, but Virmach also has very cheap OpenVZ packages. 512MB RAM that only $14.7 per year (after using a 30% discount coupon for lifetime). IP price here is also very cheap, only $10/IP/year, also use a 30% discount coupon lifetime is only $7/IP/year.

Each VPS can add up to 5IP. Can not find any other cheap IP provider.

To keep prices low, Virmach has a strict resource use policy. However, we use VPS as satellite site, visit not much so do not worry about this problem very much.

7. HostUS

The last provider I would recommend in this post is HostUS.

This is a small supplier, but also many people know the name because the VPS here is quite fast speed. Especially very few suppliers have location in Hong Kong.

HostUS does not sell more IPv4, but there is always an OpenVZ 512MB RAM package available in the US and UK for only $16/year. It costs only $1.33/month, if a satellite site is still reasonable.

I’m using a VPS package, sometimes down time but the network is quite good, because cheap too can not expect anything more.


These are the VPS providers that I know are suitable for making satellite site systems available for SEO. Of course, this list is lacking, everyone please add more comments.

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