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Domain name lookup is a must-do job for anyone who owns or wants to trade domain names. Among the many search engines available today, Who.is is a good name to know.

Who.is is a domain name lookup tool I’ve used a long time ago, but there are probably many people who do not know yet, so I’ll write a detailed introduction.

The great advantages of using Who.is:

1. Whois information is updated the fastest

Domain data is rarely updated, so most domain name lookup tools caches information and reuse the query. For this reason, sometimes, even if you have updated your domain information for some time, but when looking back up information that is old from a long time ago.

Who.is outstanding feature for you to use this tool permanently is the domain information is always the latest. When checking and seeing the results have changed, Who.is will automatically refresh the page or display the link for you to actively refresh as shown below:

If you want the latest, most accurate information about the domain name to look up, then use Who.is.

Another solution to get the latest domain data is to request directly to ICANN, the global domain name management organization: https://whois.icann.org/.

2. Unlimited number of queries

Who.is no limit to the number of queries per day, or because I have never used up their limits. In addition, Who.is also does not require captcha or non-robot authentication as other tools. This helps users operate more convenient, save more time, more frustration when looking up information.

3. View the DNS Record information

This is also a useful feature that few tools support, that is, view the DNS record information of the domain.

Of course, because the third party requests the records, it can not be 100% accurate as you can configure in the domain name management page, but the data returned to you is quite adequate.

When I was managing the Coupontree.co blog, many commentators said that they were struggling to point a domain name to Hosting/Server, or pointed but it did not run, flickered. The reason is simple, with just a simple lookup domain information with Who.is, click the DNS Records tab you can know where the problem is. The cause is sometimes simple, with just a simple search of domain information with Who.is, click the DNS Records tab you can know where the problem is.

The downside is that sometimes Who.is DNS Record service stopped working, can not see the information.

The above is my share when using Who.is, and you then? What domain name lookup tool do you use? What’s so attractive? Please share by leaving a comment below.

Visit Who.is here.

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