Mailgun is no longer free 10,000 emails/mo

Until now, Coupontree has always encouraged to use Mailgun’s SMTP Server sending service because it is free to send 10,000 emails/month. However, now they quit this plan.

Specifically, currently, you only get 5,000 free emails in the first 3 months only. After that, if you continue using, you will have to pay $0.80/1,000 emails. This price is also quite comfortable when compared to other parties.

The detailed price list is as follows:

Visit Mailgun:

Accounts created prior to this change are lucky enough to keep the same amount of 10,000 free emails/month.

Mailgun is one of the trusted mailing services I have used for a long time, they have both excellent mail forwarding and routing services. Unfortunately, it is no longer free.

After checking the list of free SMTP Server services, it seems that SendinBlue is the most attractive when there is a free email plan, but it is limited to 300 emails/day. Do you know of any other better services, please introduce them to me.

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