Miss Group expanded rapidly thanks to support from HSBC UK

Miss Group recently announced business results in the first three quarters of 2019, recording a revenue increase of up to 200%.

Also during this period, Miss Group has successfully made 4 acquisitions, greatly contributing to the skyrocketing sales results this year.

If you do not know, Miss Group was founded in 2014 in Manchester, United Kingdom is an international hosting group providing services related to Hosting, Domain, VPS, Dedicated server, SSL certificate, etc. Currently, in addition to its headquarters in Manchester – UK, Miss Group is based in Stockholm, Gothenburg & Halmstad – Sweden, Miami & Phoenix – USA, Sofia – Bulgaria, Yucatán – Mexico & Nashik – India.

StableHost – a famous hosting provider in the world also belonged to Miss Group soon. Refer to the brands owned by the group in the image below:

Last year, with the support of capital from HSBC, Miss Group acquired companies to develop more in European and North American markets.

The grant is not disclosed, but it is part of the £1.05 billion loan fund that HSBC UK is offering to small and medium-sized businesses in the Northwest region. The group recently entered the top 15 of Hiscox Tech Track 100 – the fastest growing companies in the UK, voted by the Daily Times.

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