Namecheap has a discount for .COM – only $6.98, unlimited quantity

As part of the Small Business Month promotion, the .COM domain name at Namecheap is again offered a discount.

During the next 1 month, you can register an unlimited number of .COM domain names for only $6.98/year/domain. Plus $0.18 ICANN fee, the final price to pay is $7.16/year/domain. Domain name registration is complete will also be free forever hidden information service!

Although not as low as usual, but if you need to register in large quantities, I think this deal is quite okay. Because, cheap deals such as $4 in Porkbun, for example, there is a limit of 1-3 domain names only.

Go to Namecheap to register now!

  • No need to use coupon code.
  • Preferential price applies for the first year, renewal is $12.98.

Note: If you have never purchased any product/service at Namecheap, use the code WELCOME30 to get 30% off your first bill.

Besides .COM domain names, many other domains such as .NET, .ONLINE, .CO, .SHOP, .BIZ …; Hosting, SSL certificates, or VPNs also receive promotions at the same time. Please refer here.

Having fun!

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