Namecheap launchs WordPress Hosting, trial price $8.88/year

Namecheap launches Managed WordPress Hosting service called EasyWP, registered as Apps.

This Namecheap service is still in the BETA phase, appearing rather late compared to other competitors. Especially in the field of Managed WordPress Hosting, we can say GoDaddy is leader. Since acquiring MediaTemple (specializing in WordPress services for high end customers) and developing low-cost WordPress Hosting, it is hard for any company to keep up with Godaddy’s development.

With Namecheap’s EasyWP, just a few clicks away, you will easily have a WordPress website to use. No need to pay attention to Hosting, Server, PHP anything else. Creating a website is as easy as pie.

Managing WordPress website conveniently with dashboard interface can not be simpler than that of EasyWP. You can easily backup, change the main domain, switch to Maintenance mode, upload SSL Certificates.

The weakness of EasyWP is that you only use the registered domain name in Namecheap, not use external domain. This is an extremely big limit point! Some of the processing is still slow, for example, I backed up the WordPress version by default but 20 minutes did not finish? Feature is still poor, can not meet the needs of professional users.

Hopefully when EasyWP is officially released, it will support more features, optimizations, performance enhancements and more security for WordPress.

From now on, you can register for the experience here. The price is $8.88 for the first year, the renewal for next year is $48.88.

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