Namecheap no longer sell .XYZ domain, what’s going on?

According to the information I received, Namecheap is no longer selling .XYZ domain anymore!

The domain name XYZ has been extremely popular on Namecheap for a very cheap price. However, at the present time when searching any domain with this extension you get the message: This domain is not available!

CouponTree has been searching for more information about this, but only received a response: “From 10/2016, Namecheap will not sell this type of domain anymore“. It is unclear whether the problem is due to inadequate sharing among suppliers?

With the .XYZ domain name registered in Namecheap, you can still renew or transfer normally.

According to Wikipedia, by June 2016, .XYZ is the fourth most popular domain name on the Internet, just after .COM, .NET and .ORG.

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