Namecheap offers SSL-free when purchasing Hosting, preparing for Black Friday

In addition to emailing suggestions for the upcoming Black Friday program, Namecheap also announced a free Comodo PositiveSSL certificate when customers sign up for hosting.

We’re giving all of our shared hosting customers a full year of PositiveSSL free for their primary domain, subdomains, and addon domains. And if that’s not enough, we’re giving you 50% off the second year renewal.

This program only applies to Shared Hosting packages. Namecheap will donate a year to use PositiveSSL completely free for the main domain, subdomain and all addon domains. Limited to 50 certificates per cPanel account, so good.

Of course Namecheap will have some conditions to receive the offer:

  • Customers who have created a new Shared Hosting account.
  • Customers who are using their Shared Hosting Plan with their newly created hosting account.
  • Customers who are adding new domain names (addon domains) to their existing hosting account with Shared Hosting plan.

Also, I saw Namecheap 50% off SSL in the second year.

Get detailed information about the program here. Visit Namecheap here.

In the mail, Namecheap also carefully hinted at the upcoming Black Friday program, details not yet available but certainly a terrible deal. You wait patiently.

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