Namecheap reached the 10 million domain names, confirming the top position

Namecheap continues to consolidate its position as one of the world’s largest domain names when it passes 10 million domain names.

Following the success of the return to Inc. 5000 – the fastest growing private company in the United States in 2018, Namecheap has now reached the 10 million domain names in the system.

Contributing to this number of 10 million, not only the popular international domain names such as .COM or .NET, but also a large part from the new TLDs. Namecheap always has a tremendous incentive for new TLDs. If you remember, Namecheap has maintained a very long price of only $0.48/year for a variety of new domain names.

Namecheap CEO Rick Kirkendall said in a recent interview that the company currently has millions of customers worldwide, and that the number of customers is growing rapidly. For the development, Namecheap always try to provide products and services to as many customers as possible. Rick said, from the start, the company has followed the strategy of serving multiple customers with a few domains instead of just focusing on one customer with multiple domains.

The CEO is confident that, in terms of customer loyalty, Namecheap is the second largest retailer in the world.

Not only concentrating on developing the width, expanding the customer base, Namecheap also attaches great importance to deepening the development as the quality of service increases, keeping customers. Shopper Approved – a service rating platform, the product said that Namecheap is the first supplier to exceed 1 million review milestone.

Domain name development is just the beginning of success

Currently, the domain name alone accounts for 60% of the company’s revenue. Rick Kirkendall also shared, “Domain names are just the first gateway to meeting customers.

Most people start out having ideas, they will go looking for, register domain. Next, certainly the tools needed to build and develop that domain. Therefore, the other services are also nameCheap is constantly upgrading, improving, development. One day, you just need to stop at Namecheap is full of the best support tools, the most affordable price to grow business.

That is the ultimate goal of the company!

Overcoming the 10 million domain names in the main system is a big milestone for Namecheap. It not only helps the company assert its position in the domain name retail market, but also a tremendous incentive for this supplier to constantly develop and improve its quality to reach the final goal.

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