Namecheap removes domain names containing the “coronavirus” keyword

Starting this week Namecheap will not allow any newly registered domain names containing the keyword related to the COVID-19 epidemic.

As of Thursday, March 26, 2020, all domain names registered at Namecheap containing keywords such as coronavirus, covid, vaccine, etc, will not be accepted. The supplier said the decision was made to prevent bad ideas. In particular, taking advantage of the global crisis caused by the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic to sell fake products and give false information.

However, companies and owners of legitimate websites who wish to register a domain name containing the above keywords can contact Namecheap support directly for assistance. Namecheap said it will review, and register at your request.

Over the past few months, bad actors have abused the coronavirus to spread fraudulent information and products. Not only government agencies but also technology companies around the world are contributing a part of their efforts to prevent evil. These include:

  • Amazon and eBay have removed millions of fraudulent products and restricted health items such as masks and disinfectant hand sanitizers.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube together link to strictly censor false information/content.

Every individual, organization, regardless of its class, anywhere in the world is trying to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. As for the members of CouponTree, what have you done for the country and for all humanity?

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